Leadership Team

Leaver Schweppe (Chief Executive Officer)
Aleks Scholz (Deputy Chief Executive Officer)
Ulf Oganov (Financial Officer)
Kathrin Passig (Director, Security and Information Technology)
Oatridge Mewbourne (Director, Center for WETI Research)
Kai Schreiber (Kurt Vonnegut Comfy Chair for the Study of Random Walk)
Martin Baaske (Chief Advisor for Media Confusion)
Ira Strübel (Chair for Think Tanking and Tank Thinking)
Knarps Hoselton (Bruno Moravetz Chair Emeritus)


Ulysses Beltran (Postdoctoral Fellow)
Oleksandr Brauswetter (Principal Investigator)
Humberto Crandall (Co-Investigator)
Edison Freilich (Co-Investigator)
Knarps Hoselton (Senior Astronomer)
Roderick Khan (Postdoctoral Fellow)
Concepcion McCracken (Postdoctoral Fellow)
Oatridge Mewbourne (Director, Center for WETI Research)
Saraniti Obermuller (Co-Investigator)
Kathrin Passig (Samuel Beckett Fellow)
Loukanis Rause (Co-Investigator)
Aleks Scholz (Principal Investigator)
Kai Schreiber (Principal Investigator)
Ira Strübel (Principal Investigator)
Fabian Venugopal (Co-Investigator)
Crapser Voegele (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Effortless Action Committee

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Original publications from the WETI team

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